Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Return

I'm back! I'm back from my sunny holidays in Barcelona! Why do holidays go quick yet it feels I've been away from blogging for so long?! Anyway its good to be back (to blogging anyway) This post will some gorgeous images taken in sunny Spain. I did have a amazing break away full of laying on the beach, bit of football and a lot of sea food eating. (I was half human- half shrimp out there) Can't forget to mention I did a bit of browsing in the Barcelona shops and returned with my own 'blue suede shoes'.


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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

On route

Tomorrow I set off on my holidays to Barcelona! I've been busy packing my bags which means dotting around in dresses and various summery pieces which I haven't been able to get near for the past 6 months! As well in this post showing one of my favorite outfits out my wardrobe, I will also showing you, me featuring on one a great online clothing brand called     F D avenue.

Like i said, I'm off to Barcelona,Spain tomorrow.I cannot wait to get into the sunshine and wear this beautiful black polka dot dress! My habit of layering EVERYTHING kicked in again and I placed this lovely lace mint top over. Finishing it which a pink ribbon and my black heel booties.

 And, then as well this week I've been planning my post for a fabulous online shopping site called F D avenue  They do great quality clothes which won't hurt your pocket! I recently purchased a pair of wet look leggings from their, they are honestly the most comfy pair of leggings I own, so I decide to do my post all about them. 

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See you all soon!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Escaping to the sunshine

So in a few days time I will be escaping the cold English weather and catching a flight to Barcelona, Spain. So preparation for this I've gathering all my spring clothes as well a few shopping trips to add to my collection. Nothing is weirder than shopping for crop tops and sunglasses when its -1c outside. But,you've gotta do what you've gotta do.. I can't explain my excitement for finally be able to see some sunshine. I'm going for a full week where I will be taking plenty of photos for my blog. So far these are the pieces I have brought that will be landing on Spanish grounds with me..

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Sunday, March 24, 2013


Yes i am single! However, I like to keep any love-thingy relationship off my blog! (Even the complicated one with  me and Zac Efron I'm going through at the minute, touchy subject)
 So this post isn't about being single or celebrating it (I still love you Zac). Its called singleton because this post is all about one single piece of clothing. A piece of clothing that has feelings a little similar to Mr Efron, and that's feeling a little neglected by myself.
This gorgeous top is one I brought a few months ago, wore once and left on a hanger to collect dust. It wasn't until my 'clothing craving' to wear something black that I got the polish out and sharpen up this top.Due to the snow outside,yes snow in spring, I knew I needed a good collection of layers to complete the look. So with a body tube and topshop sparkly bra top placed under ( I know,perfect clothing for the snow..) I was ready. Do i dare mention I wore my fave flowery pants again aswell..
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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cowboy Vibes

This post is all about my outfit that I just threw together! I'm very much of a person who plans every outfit in my head 5(0) days before the event! So today when I woke up and realized I haven't jig-sawed up my outfit in my head I knew it was time to see what I could throw on. Like food cravings, I have caught a clothing craving! Tights, I needed to wear Tights! When i found my wonderful leopard print tights I built it up from there! I thought my denim skirt and (my sister's) brown booties gave it a hint of cowboy,therefore the name of the post. Not forgetting the horse covered skirt layered with a floral top. I guess thinking of the spot wasn't that bad after all, Maybe I should do a again sometime? Same place and time next week?

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Discoveries

The reason this post is called 'New Discoveries' is because while I was turning my wardrobe upside down, trying on every single piece of material in any way possible I had for my London Fashion Week outfits, I discovered my be-loved-ed river island dress was about to become my be-loved-ed river island top! I loved my new discovery so much I in fact wore it to Day one at London Fashion Week which you can see Here
This wonderful dress i brought in the summer has always been one of my faves,however due the,lets just say,  non-dress-more-like-ski-jackets-wearing-weather in England this winter it's been left deprived in my wardrobe for the past few months! But thankfully for it's elastic waist the bottom half of the dress is easily tucked away! Adding some statement trousers and my little red booties I have a whole new causal,more weather-friendly outfit! Aswell who likes the Lippy? Its a fab new one from Rimmel, it's a lipgloss but come out in a great lipstick bright colour, check them out!

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