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Sunday, April 28, 2013

It is spring?

Hey. I can't believe it, We've have a warm-ish week in England. Finally, spring has sprung! It's been lovely not layering my outfits with 3 woolly jumpers. However, I'll hold back on putting my fur coat back into the wardrobe for a bit longer.

 Anyway this week I've been working so much on revising for exams I didn't even have time for hollyoaks.. I don't know how I coped either? But it's nice to wind down at the weekend, giving me time to chill and blog! On Saturday evening I went out for a meal wearing my sister's pattern silk blouse with my green tartan trousers. Spring may have come but it's still no shorts-wearing weather just yet!

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Sunday, March 24, 2013


Yes i am single! However, I like to keep any love-thingy relationship off my blog! (Even the complicated one with  me and Zac Efron I'm going through at the minute, touchy subject)
 So this post isn't about being single or celebrating it (I still love you Zac). Its called singleton because this post is all about one single piece of clothing. A piece of clothing that has feelings a little similar to Mr Efron, and that's feeling a little neglected by myself.
This gorgeous top is one I brought a few months ago, wore once and left on a hanger to collect dust. It wasn't until my 'clothing craving' to wear something black that I got the polish out and sharpen up this top.Due to the snow outside,yes snow in spring, I knew I needed a good collection of layers to complete the look. So with a body tube and topshop sparkly bra top placed under ( I know,perfect clothing for the snow..) I was ready. Do i dare mention I wore my fave flowery pants again aswell..
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Discoveries

The reason this post is called 'New Discoveries' is because while I was turning my wardrobe upside down, trying on every single piece of material in any way possible I had for my London Fashion Week outfits, I discovered my be-loved-ed river island dress was about to become my be-loved-ed river island top! I loved my new discovery so much I in fact wore it to Day one at London Fashion Week which you can see Here
This wonderful dress i brought in the summer has always been one of my faves,however due the,lets just say,  non-dress-more-like-ski-jackets-wearing-weather in England this winter it's been left deprived in my wardrobe for the past few months! But thankfully for it's elastic waist the bottom half of the dress is easily tucked away! Adding some statement trousers and my little red booties I have a whole new causal,more weather-friendly outfit! Aswell who likes the Lippy? Its a fab new one from Rimmel, it's a lipgloss but come out in a great lipstick bright colour, check them out!

Also a fashion magazine are taking in nominations for Best Bloggers,company magazine! It's my fave mag which I buy every mouth! (The place I got my High School Disco outfit inspiration from Here )
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Stella's Red Nose

All depending if your from England or not,you will know what i mean by Red Nose Day! If you don't,its a day in England where people raise money for charity! Up and down the country celebrities and ordinary people do all sorts of things to raise money! 

This year the scottish fashion designer Stella McCartney has designed a range of t-shirts to raise money for Red Nose Day! Most of these Tees are white with ionic images on,from The Beetles to Marilyn Monroe, and you can't forget the red nose added on of course! My father recently purchased me one from TKMAXX, guess which one he got me...
I completed my look with my topshop floral trousers which I fall in love with   everytime i wear them! My green tweed jacket and my little brown wedges!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

High School Disco!

It was Saturday and the sun shining! I was free for the whole weekend! At school I have another exam coming up,therefore a lot of my time has gone towards working for that however I pushed my school books aside today so I could plan and shoot my blog post! I've been reading all sorts of fashion media recently, the latest gossip on Paris Fashion Week now, Company magazine and everything in between! As spring is coming up, all these were filled with the upcoming trends! One of these trends caught my eye in Company Magazine and that was American high-school trend! I've always been obsessed with high school american films (one is Grease of course..) therefore I thought I'd try it out, What do you think?

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Inspired Look

London Fashion Week is over.. we've handed the 'fashion week' title over to Milan to see what the likes of Prada and Versace can knock up for their A/W collections! So now our timelines and feeds are not filled with #LFW updates what is there to talk/tweet/blog about?! Do rewind our fashion clocks and prepare for Spring/Summer 13 which is almost among us now? Or Do we just sit back and relax until September? 

I sure all us bloggers will fly in different directions! I've decided to create a post inspired by one of collections I seen at SommerSet house! Zoe Jordan, the designer I reviewed in my last blog post here!
Her collection was all about block colours, pops of neon and clean cut pieces! So.. I've decided to wear my new black trousers which have many similarities to some of the bold black trousers in her collection! Wearing the bright neon top to demonstrate the pops of colour! Aswell as layering it with a knitted crop top to create her casual knit wear look! Can't forgot a dash of orange either!
As I'm wearing my hair in a low textured pong-tail like the models had and wiping out accessories!