Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Hello everyone! I have returned from a short break from blogging. At the moment I been taking my end of year exams at school. Sadly, revising for these meant I had little time to keep up with the fashion world. I decided it have a little vacation from blogging while I work though about 100 revision books. Sadly I still have a few exams to do but it won't long till its all over!! Then I have a whole 6 weeks of blogging galore!

Anyway, I went to the sea with my best friend Lilly to enjoy the sunshine yesterday  I spent the day at Hunstanton beach sitting on deckchairs and eating ice-cream.  I wore my new heart-printed dungaree skirt over another dress which were both from river island. It was a lovely change and a lovely way to enjoy the sunshine.


  1. Finally summer is here! We're pretty much living off Ice Cream in the office now.

  2. I love your seaside photographs! Looks like a fun day and the printed blouse and pinafore look great together.